NEBOair is committed to decarbonising pilot training through partnerships with flying schools and clubs across the UK. This is vital for incorporating the Velis Electro into flight training programs and is essential for promoting Sustainable Aviation in the UK

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NEBOair Ltd are delighted to have become members of Sustainable Aviation.
"Sustainable Aviation (SA) is the coalition of UK airlines, airports, aerospace manufacturers, and air navigation service providers plus sustainable fuel producers and other key business partners, committed to cutting aviation's environmental impact and building a world-leading aviation sector."
Our Fleet
Eco. Quiet. Fast. Safe
The VELIS Electro, manufactured by Pipistrel in Slovenia, is the World's first light aircraft with EASA and UK CAA Type certification powered solely by electric propulsion.

The Pipistrel aircraft family boasts an outstanding safety record, attributed to its robust carbon fibre fuselage and cockpit shielded by Kevlar.

The VELIS Electro signifies a revolutionary approach to the aviation of tomorrow.
Our mission
Our mission is to advance the Decarbonisation of Pilot Training and Experience Flights whilst supporting Sustainable Aviation in the UK with the introduction of the Velis Electro to Flying Schools and Clubs. We are dedicated to promoting and developing eco-friendly, zero-emission, sustainable flight with electric aircraft in British skies and beyond.
Our team
Highly experienced, with hundreds of hours on Pipistrel aircraft, our core pilot team have completed comprehensive flight training on flying fully electric aircraft.

The majority of our pilots are Flight Instructors which creates a different experience and hence an additional level of safety of flight.

The NEBOair team, from Operations to Administration are from different walks of life, but all sharing one passion – sustainable aviation!
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The continually growing 'spiderweb' of charging points across East Anglia, into Lincolnshire and down to Hampshire
"In a time of complex and ever-busier lifestyles, Wilderley's mission is to serve as a soothing place; awakening a sense of fun and a shift towards an overall happier & healthy well-being."
Celeste Goschen, Founder

It takes just under one hour to recharge the aircraft's battery for the next flight - enough time for a cup of tea and an introduction to life on this unique farm.
The Hub of Operations for NEBOair
The VELIS Electro trialled by the RAF
We are delighted at the end 2021, Affinity Flight Training Services and the RAF started using two VELIS Electro in their testing the feasibility of using electric aircraft for training functions as part of early steps towards a Net Zero Air Force by their 2040 target.

A small team of Test Pilots from the Air and Space Warfare Centre have flown the Pipistrel Velis Electro aircraft at two locations. Phase one training for the pilots started at Damyns Hall in 2021 with our Director of Flight Operations, Deepak Mahajan and Flight Instructor Claire Bartlett. Phase two commenced at RAF College Cranwell in March 2022.
Captain Steve Boulton RN said 'As the MoD sponsor for this event I have been extremely pleased with all that I have witnessed. Everyone concerned with this project, from Test Pilots to engineering, logistics and airfield operating staff, are acutely aware of the significance of the journey we are on.

The VELIS Electro is undoubtedly a groundbreaking civil aircraft, which signposts the potential for meaningful changes in future light aircraft operations. I know that our test pilots and support staff have enjoyed the process of getting to grips with something hitherto beyond their reach.

For myself, this was the first opportunity to see the aircraft up close and I was struck by its technical simplicity. I am grateful for this opportunity to view the Pipistrel VELIS Electro and am looking forward to watching the zero emissions concept unfold, as part of our burgeoning work on the sustainable aviation technologies.
The Movement
The entire aviation community is incredibly excited about this new and rapidly developing project. We are receiving daily correspondence requesting information about specs of the aircraft and charging stations.

Airfields across the UK and Europe are sending letters of intent wishing to join the project and enhance our network.

This will soon create a web of electric aircraft charging facilities throughout the UK and beyond allowing Zero Emissions aviation to become a reality. The environmental revolution in aviation and transport has begun!
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Three-phase electricity supply installation for aircraft charging at Church Farm was supported by DRIVE programme.
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Deepak Mahajan
Head of Flight Operations at Damyns Hall (based in London)

Deepak is Co Director of Fly About Aviation, the UK Distributer for Pipistrel, supplying the Velis Electro to NEBOair.

He is a UK BMAA Flight Instructor and Ground Examiner, with more than 15,000 flight hours. He completed a flight course to fly fully electric aircraft in 2017. He has had a PPL in the UK since 1989, EASA and French PPL's.

He founded MSA Ltd in 1998 to offer flight-training, aircraft sales, parts and avionics to the UK market and he continues to run the day-to-day operations of that business, as well as acting as microlight flight instructor at his own flight school at Damyns Hall Airfield in East London.

Deepak is also a co-founder and director of several UK based light aviation businesses, and oversees flight operations and safety at Damyns Hall.

Contact: dm@neboair.co.uk
Kerry Wilmot
Director of NEBOair Ltd.

Having been part of NEBOair since its inception, Kerry has embraced the challenging role of sole Director, the driving force growing the connection with Moray Flying Club at RAF Lossiemouth which was nurtured over 12 months,
and building business relationships with Flying Schools and Clubs throughout the UK to introduce a fully-electric option into light aircraft aviation and pilot training.

Having a passion for vintage military aircraft and the pleasure of seeing peers pilot traditional planes, Kerry understands that embracing change can be challenging and advocates for a gradual shift in perspective to welcome the Velis Electro into flying schools. In light of the government's Net Zero directive and the growing public awareness of climate change and environmental concerns, Kerry is convinced that a collective effort is necessary to move towards a sustainable aviation future and encourages others to participate in the pursuit of 'cleaner skies'.

Contact: kw@neboair.co.uk
Claire Bartlett
Qualified VELIS Electro Flight Instructor (based at Damyns Hall)

Claire is the First female in the UK to gain her qualification to instruct on Electric Aircraft.

She has held her PPL for 26 years, gaining qualification in 2021 as a flight instructor. Claire feels she is fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time to be a part of NeboAir's vision and is looking forward to the exciting developments in green aviation.

Chris Kirk
Flight Instructor (based at Wickenby)

Chris gained his EASA PPL (A), Flight Instructor rating and tail wheel endorsement. He also holds a ROCC (Radio Operators Certificate of Competence) this allow him to operate any ground station at an airfield to provide airfield information. Chris has over a thousand hours flying different types of aircraft. He holds a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) enabling him to fly small unmanned aircraft for commercial gain. Chris is currently carrying out his differences training to enable him to train on the Velis Electro.

Adam Hammett
Assistant Director & STEM Ambassador

An experienced Project Manager and Professionally Qualified Engineer with over 24 years of exemplary service in the British Army. He has delivered a wide range of construction and infrastructure engineering projects in challenging environments in the UK and overseas.

Adam joined the NEBOair team in 2020, concentrating on groundwork and the installation of infrastructure. He provides essential support to Kerry in all aspects of operations, encompassing aircraft movements and management, and he also represents NEBOair at various exhibitions and airshows.

As a STEM ambassador, his passion lies in promoting innovative 'green' technologies to the younger generation.

Contact ah@neboair.co.uk
Mike Powell
North of England liaison partner

Mike has held a private pilot licence for 30 years. He is passionate about flying which influenced his decision to become an instructor. He has over 6000 hours flying time in the UK and Europe. During his career he has developed many contacts within aviation and beyond.

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